This Week in Ambler

Welcome to our Summer Season! We are hosting great programs all summer, beginning with SummerFest 21 which is available through Labor Day OnDemand!

This summer we are taking a new approach. New events will be premiered once each week, typically on Sunday evenings. We will be scheduling in-person and online screenings of the current event from time to time around the community. Let us know if you are interested in hosting an in-person or online “watch party”!

Ambler Musicivic (Programs premiere at 7:00 PM Sunday each week)

August 1-8, 2021 Musica Mundana
August 8-15, 2021 Rebecca Nelson “Do Not Lament”
August 15-22, 2021 Bell’Art Ensemble

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We hope to begin select live in-person events in September or October as feasible. That will depend on our ability to raise support for live events, so consider a membership, sponsorship or donation. We are revitalizing our membership program beginning with SummerFest!

Membership levels : All donation amounts count toward membership

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Do you want More? Ambler Musicivic members can access programs in other Musicivic communities around the country.

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